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Welcome home...That is what it feels like when you work with a company such as Contemporary Personnel Resources. We are experts in the Sacramento Region's current job market requirements and needs. We understand the job skills needed in today’s competitive market and we consistently research the business climate to determine what the benchmark for salaries are in each industry ensuring that the compensation is appropriate. This makes us one of the more desirable companies to work with and it attracts the best candidates out there, not to mention the employer satisfaction is off the charts.

In addition CPR's focus on the placement of the transistioning worker particularly those with updated skill sets to meet the need of industry, gives us the expertise needed to work with cutting edge industries as well as traditional job placement needs.  We attract those that typically would not work through a temporary staffing agency because we don't operate like a typical temporary staffing agency; our service is one-on-one with a focus on the creation of a new career not just job placement. In addition we work closely with the employers by providing human resource assistance and determining the best solution for each employers specific personnel needs for their organization.

Each month we recognize a forward thinking, progressive business that works with Contemporary Personnel Resources, for either their Human Resource Consulting needs or for their staffing needs. This month’s featured employer is: Mountain Chief Management Services. In the placement of engineers and medical staffing.

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