The services we provide are temporary, temporary to direct hire and direct hire options. We also provide expert human resource guidance, succession planning, and workforce organizational structuring assistance for businesses. For our valuable employment candidates we offer career mapping, education and skill development resources, job readiness, resume updates and of course job placement opportunities. We invite our visitors on our website to check this page often as our services are expanding and growing to meet the needs of our clients and the business community. 

Temporary - Temp to Hire - Direct Hire Options

The employer does not need to worry about employer paid taxes, Workers' Compensation Insurance or other employer paid obligations when using CPR for their temporary or interim employment needs. We carry payroll and use a third party administrator to take care off all of this for you. The company can utilize the employee at their place of business via a temporary arrangement and CPR will take care of everything else. If you chose to hire one of our employees we have temporary to direct hire options available as well. If you wish to hire direct without temporary placement we can work out a direct hire option that will work with your budget. CPR places all ages and is an Equal Employment Opportunity Company. 

Human Resource Guidance - Succession Planning -  Workforce Organizational Structuring

With several years of HR expertise you can depend on CPR for items from job descriptions, pay and benefit standards, job duty and training needs. We will customize a plan just for your company needs.


Job Placement - Career Mapping - Skill and Education Updates

If you are in the market for a job change, re-entering the workforce or just want to better your chances in transitioning from one career to another; CPR can help you in these areas. Look to us to help you find the ideal job that meets your needs.

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