The Aging of America.....

CPR was founded on the concept of the transitioning workforce i.e. Baby Boomers entering into their second careers and others transitioning from careers or life circumstances to new professions. Knocking on doors to make her point, Susan got raised eyebrows and questions as to "Why would someone want to work past the age of 55 to 60?" Well that was in 2005 and 2006, it is now on the cusp of 2009 and 401K's have become 201K's and the Boomer generation is looking at not only the facts listed below but now the changing dynamics and definition of retirement. CPR has grown too, to understand the green industry, the changing demands of industry and the (once again) need for updated education to follow those changes. We have begun working with Government contractors who need our expertise and we have affiliated with some of the brightest and best in the Green Industry. So using the skills sets of not only the boomers, but looking at our Veterans returning to private sector, those transitioning from careers that are becoming less in demand and transferring those skill sets and suplementing with education and fulfilling the needs of the up and coming industries; we know this could be part of the answer for what is facing us in this financial and employment Tsunami.

With CPR coming alongside and studying the evolution of the workplace, there are distinct differences in the way the older worker approaches their career or profession of choice than that of our X and Y generations. All of these generations have unique qualities; but what is truly apparent in the older worker is a sense of ownership of ones' work and a true pride in their ability to look at their job as part of a process. The section of the job description that states "and other duties as required" is understood by the mature worker as, "what it takes to get the job done." Some of these skills can not be taught in a classroom setting. Skills such as soft skills, customer service skills and having that innate ability to adjust to the culture of the workplace they are a part of. CPR actually labels this as "life experience. In fact it has been attempted at the scholastic level to imitate life in the workplace and train the younger worker on how to approach real life workplace situations. However, there is nothing better than that life experience to exemplify and demonstrate self discipline and the soft skills that it takes to deal with various challenges that will occur in today's workplace.

Advancement in technology, the computer age and the dotcom industry brought a different form of communication to the workplace. Communication alternatives that was not prevalent in the 60's, 70's or even the early 80's. Therefore our mature worker comes from a background of basics and research, as well as communicating in a different manner. They have a resourcefulness that is not part of the younger generation. The younger generation that is known for obtaining immediate results from the information highway and who has not verbally communicated to others as much as the baby boomers and older generation to create a rapport. You hear about dependability, reliability and again that request employers are asking for "soft skills," well this is from whence it came. Couples the soft skills with the ability to also resource through the internet and you have a dynamic combination of talents and resources in the older worker.

What CPR advocates is the historical revelation of what employers are seeing in there businesses and now are coming to realize is sorely missing. The answer is in hiring the older worker or those that are changing or transitioning careers, re-entering the workforce or those that have had to retrain for various reasons. This workforce can bring project management and the soft skills to an organization either through mentoring to the younger workers or adding to the human capital of a business. CPR's mission is to also assist these worker's in upgrading their technical and computer skills and/or upgrading their current education via continued education or certification programs. Combine that with their problem solving and customer service abilities and you will see the birth of an entirely new phenomenon hit the business community with Contemporary Personnel Resources leading the way.  


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